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Mens Day Results September 11th
Posted: Thursday September 12, 2019 By: Jeff Letkeman

               Menís Day

            Results- September 11th, 2019


       Gross                     (White Tees)                Net


1) B. Kraemer     70-  $33.66       1) M. Harmsen         64.0- $33.66

                                                     2) R. Flynn               69.0- $24.48

                                                   t-3) W. Tanner            69.5- $21.42

                                                   t-3) D. Wyborn           69.5- $21.42

                                                     5) D. Williams          70.0- $15.30



*Each Kp winner gets a sleeve of Srixon Balls donated by Don Mayhew Jr. of

  First Class Waste Services.


      #4(low)- B. Kraemer            #4(high)- W. Tanner

      #13(low)- D. Williams           #13(high)- D. Smith


                                         Pots of Gold


   #8) $61.00Ė  carried                         #18) $77.00-  carried


                                       Deuces @ $6.00 each


                    Dave Smith#8,  Mike Lago#4, Wes Tanner#4,

                      Bob Kraemer#4/#8, Mike Harmsen#4

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